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us although no
# 17.10.2019 - 09:06:02

re is profound and profound, and the four famous works are very popular. The first thing I touched was the "Journey to the West" Cigarettes For Sale, but what I never tire of is the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I am different from other girls. Maybe they prefer those romance novels, but I love Chinese and foreign classics. It can be said that there are countless reading books. That happy time is still emerging in my mind. On the hot summer of the first day, when I had time, I came up with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It depicts the uprising of the Yellow Turban Army in the late Eastern Han Dynasty Cigarettes Online, the great chaos in the world, the historical process of the decline of Wei, Sui and Wu. It reproduces the picture of the era. From this book, I met Zhuge Liang. He is well-informed; he is expected to be a god; he is doing everything, and he is dead. He is the object that I admire very much. The grass boat borrows arrows. Zhuge Liang knows that Zhou Yu is going to harm himself. However, he has set a military order, and he will count on it. He has deceived Cao Cao��s fifteen thousand and sixty arrows without any effort, and did not let Zhou Yu��s plan succeed. When I read this, I was very happy. I patted my hands and shouted the sun. The sun shone through the cool breeze. Not only me, but the green grass outside the window also nodded and died. Zhuge Liang did not escape. After watching the astronomy, he learned that he had few days left. However, he was relieved of his enthusiasm, and he continued his life. Unexpectedly, it was destroyed by Wei Yan. Zhuge Liang spit blood Cheap Cigarettes, and died in the world. Reading here, tears burst out, I began to hate Wei Yan, such a legendary person left with regret, the weather suddenly swelled down, dark clouds, even the gods shed tears. After a few years, I saw in a book that Zhuge Liang in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is not so legendary. The idea of ??the grass boat borrowing arrows is actually Lu Su��s idea. The empty city plan is even more rhetoric... Said, three stinkers, played a Zhuge Liang. I don't think that, whether it is real or fiction, Zhuge Liang will live in my heart forever. We have always been with me as a new-time high school student. Although we don't have Zhuge Liang's talents, we are courageous; although not as sophisticated as they are, they are rich. Enthusiastic; although not his secret, but full of youth. "In time, be encouraged, the years are not waiting for people." Grasp the current youth, and strive to be the three "smugglers"!

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