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y got his own retribution
y got his own r
# 26.09.2019 - 10:12:55

In my joyful childhood, there is naturally a mischievous mischief. They are the flavorings of my childhood, and without their childhood, they are uninteresting. When I was a child, the pranks I did were just like the stars. I remember when I was a child, it was a very hot summer. I walked on the way home from school. I was wearing a pair of big sandals and I stepped on something. I slammed it. Then I decided to take a closer look. It was a sewing needle. I almost took my foot out of the needles of two blood holes, and it was shining in the sunlight. I picked it up with curiosity. Play this thing while climbing the stairs. At this time, I glanced at the keyhole of a residential security door on the third floor. A bad thought quietly emerged in my heart Cigarettes Online. I took two big round eyes, left, and right, to make sure that no one was nearby, and then looked at the corner. Hey! No surveillance video! I smiled intently, opened my palm and looked at the needle that was shining cold and dripping with sweat. I will be careful to put the needle into the keyhole, which will surely make the unfamiliar, self-righteous, nasty little boy on the third floor get retribution: maybe he entered the house late and didn't finish his homework; maybe the first one opened. I was mistaken for breaking the door lock; maybe Newport Cigarettes... I didn't dare to think about it anymore, my hand was already shaking, and the slippery sewing needle slipped to the ground. The sound of the landing was perhaps insignificant to others, but it was heard in my ears but it was all over the sky. I put the needle in the keyhole and laughed a few times. After a while, I put my finger in again. Move the needle out and reveal a small head. I believe that if they are careful, they will find out! If you don't see it, hey! Then I can't help me. Thinking of this, I smirked two times and ran home in two steps and two steps. When I got home, I thought about the scene, a kind of scene that would happen, and I couldn��t help but laugh. In the evening, my mother asked me to throw garbage. I was asking for help. I was going to take the opportunity to learn about the situation of the "small broken child"! After I answered it, I opened the door. Sure enough, I heard people talking downstairs, but more It��s roaring, as if the little broken child who reprimanded his family broke the door, my plan won! The very annoying ��small broken child�� finally got his own retribution! I hurriedly closed. The security door, then I laughed in the house and trembled, my tongue was hard. Now I think of the scene of the year, I can��t help but laugh out loud and the time flies, time passes, now I��m no longer making these orders. People are ridiculously mischievous Marlboro Red. However, they are the joyful laughter that accompanied me through my childhood, nourishing my childhood, and making my childhood colorful because of their existence.

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