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when we are used to comp
when we are use
# 12.09.2019 - 08:19:24

There are innumerable poems in China's "Spring", or singing between the seats, or parting in the songs, or in the text, or in the poems, it is quite fascinating Newport 100S, and it is true that spring is already here, but we are slow. . Yang Juyuan has a poem cloud. "The poet Qingjing is in the new spring. The green willow is only half-uneven. If you want to go to the forest, you can see the flowers." The enthusiasm for the spring and the appreciation of the spring can be described as fine. Spring is full of flowers and flowers, and the flowers are released. "The flowers at the bottom of the leaves are gone, and a pair of butterflies have been known." "The flowers in the water are known to be intentional, and one branch is turned into two." The meaning is fresh, especially wonderful. "Chrysanthemum leans poorly planted Xie Jia, there is no spring color painting years." "Clouds open late Recently read "Suiyuan Poetry", I can't put it down, and I have a lot of emotions. Because the ancients read through thousands of volumes and traveled through mountains and rivers, then they have a natural understanding, a natural friendship, a good friend, and a natural and refined poetry. Super-excellent. I am sorry that my generation is in the world, disturbing the customs Cigarettes For Sale, accidentally catching the pen, no time to watch, occasionally good, already narrow! Spring only feels the speed of light, how much does it take to know? Ugh! It��s so tired today! ""Ugh! There are so many homework jobs today." It��s true that one day is really unhappy because of who and who. In daily life, we can hear similar complaints. Indeed, as a middle school student, especially the junior high school students who are graduating, life is boring and stressful. Just don't know when life will turn us into this way, crying all day long, everyone may be used to complaining. Unfortunately, I am the one with the deepest poisoning. When the learning pressure is getting bigger and bigger, I started to complain: ��Why is it so tired every day?�� ��Why should every teacher be satisfied with every teacher, we are not gods!�� At the same time, when people around us When we are "like-minded" with you, we are even more blaming. Just day after day, month after month, complaints have become a regular point in our lives, because we are used to complaining. After getting used to it, complaining did not improve our lives. The days are still the same, but the "reverse psychology" of the people around them is getting worse. In fact, after every complaint, it was a self-hypnosis, which made us feel the uncomfortable habits of life, and complained that we changed our appearance. When each classmate vented, we were not in the air, and instantly became a swearing woman who pointed out the "worldly" life, without the youthful sunshine. After getting used to it, complaints blinded our eyes. We lost the eyes of discovering beauty in our habits, forgetting that angels are guarding them, forgetting gratitude Carton Of Cigarettes... Only the pressure, pain and anger are remembered. I don��t know how long it has been like this. One day when I stood in front of the mirror, petrochemical: the bitter face of bitter melon, frowning, licking her mouth! Is this still me? The self-examination at that moment is enough to shock me. Habit is a tenacious and huge force that quietly changes us unconsciously: when we are used to possession, we forget to cherish it; when we are used to complaining, we forget to introspect. On the other hand, if we are accustomed to suffering, we will be happy with bitterness and joy in our hardships. When we are used to struggle, we will be able to fight with enthusiasm and become more and more frustrated. Whether we like it or not, habits play a role there: "You see, or don't see, I am there, after silently affecting the habit, we need to look more, we need to think, is this habit worth it? After having the habit, do we need to look back at the original self?
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