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The winter has passed
The winter has
# 29.08.2019 - 09:09:47

The winter has passed away, and the spring has been around for a long time. There is no hope for snow. A few spring rains scattered around the city, suffocating the noisy city, and finally let the dusty rain gear come in handy. It seems that it is only in a blink of an eye, even looking up, the only thing that comes into view is the white, the world seems to be covered with a layer of white plaque, small snowflake mixed with large snowflake models falling. There seems to be only white, heaven and earth between the heavens and the earth. "There is no Fanghua in the New Year. I was shocked to see the grass buds in early February. The snow is too late in spring, so I wear the garden to make flying flowers." The snow in the sky seems to be a little dense, open the window, let her play around, put the snow close to the cheek Feel her body temperature and feel her breath. Oh, snow. Do you know that the world is going to tarnish your whiteness, why is it stubborn? You know that your life is only a short moment, why should you use your white body to wash the dirty of the city? Outside the window, the snow stopped, so short, the city seemed to be silent, leaving only the ethereal piece. Going downstairs and looking at the layer of white snow that was stepped on, the heart was filled with ambiguity, and it seemed to be solved. When the snow stops, it may immediately turn into another state, which may be forgotten by people, but she will remain in my heart forever. Oh, this early spring snowy day, the Yellow River, Fu Ningxia, Ningxia, the picturesque scenery of Ningxia is known as the small Jiangnan of Saibei Cigarettes For Sale, the city is actually the Shapotou scenic spot of the golden armor Wholesale Cigarettes, the beautiful Shahu tourist area, the dazzling film and television base Needless to say, the sea of ??lavender alone is enough to make people forget themselves. Inadvertently broke into the lavender world, I was shocked. I have never seen so many lavenders, one is squatting, one is squeezing one, one is connected, and on the rolling hillside, the scent of purple is so unscrupulous, proud, unrestrained Blooming Marlboro Cigarettes. At first glance, it looks like a purple ocean, and the afterglow of the setting sun slanted on it, like being in a fairyland, beautiful. A breeze blew through, the lavender on the ground, dancing the graceful body, dancing in the wind, suddenly picked up a layer of purple waves. I was shocked by the lavender world that I accidentally broke into. I have never seen such beautiful lavender, grape purple, pale purple, deep purple, purple black, purple red, not red, like rose red is more beautiful than rose, what kind of color is that? At this moment, I began to confess my own words are poor, no, this can not blame me, perhaps only the language master, or the greatest painter can use language to describe its color. The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on it, as if a sacred, transparent gauze was draped over the lavender, and the dark purple lavender was stained with a shy red, like a shy bride. It��s so exciting, beautiful, I��m so intoxicated, I couldn��t help but lean down and take a deep breath. The scent of the scent has already entered the internal organs, the incense is so intoxicating, I really want to rent a tent, so I lie in the open air. In the ocean, listen to the flower language of lavender, smell the intoxicating floral fragrance, and feel the magical beauty that nature has given to Ningxia Lavender Paradise.
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