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A lonely song of
A lonely song o
# 01.08.2019 - 08:57:56

A lonely song of sadness, write a melodious text, sprinkle a piece of paper and quietly scent, and sue a farewell. The heavy snow dispelled the dust of the past few days, and the evening wind blew away the last touch of the sunset. The night hit, the cool blue sky swayed a little starlight, and the street lights continued to form a shining dragon. Stepping on the dance steps of the night, quietly feel the serenity of the night. In the drift of my thoughts, I lingered in the old dreams, lightly shook hands, and knocked in a few words of thoughts Carton Of Cigarettes, and the lines of the fingers exude the fragrance of the fingertips. Tonight, I sang the depression of my heart with sad songs; tonight, I wrote infinitely with words; tonight, I used ink to express a quiet night thinking; tonight, I used a love spectrum to leave. How many past events Parliament Cigarettes, how many thoughts, how many feelings around the heart. The light dance ink and ink render the flow year, cut a piece of the warm heart of this life to dispel the coldness of the world, and the year of the horse. The four seasons of reincarnation, turning around, will be spring blossoms. If you see me now, I must have thought that I was a person who could not find the direction and was confused. Going to the two points and one line between the unit and the home. Travel through the bus, subway car and water. I don't remember what kind of encounter, let me "do not know what I want", caught a straw to save the soul. I only know that I am always looking for the most beautiful scenery. Unconsciously, I found some light in front, so I decided to walk forward. I hope that you can see the rainbow at a certain intersection. Have you ever felt like this? After talking and laughing with others, your heart is empty. If you want to travel, there will be various reasons for it to run aground. There is a sensitive place in the depths of the heart. Occasionally, it will hurt your heart and it will not hurt for a while. Maybe it��s numb! Some people and things that are unforgettable are washed in time in the rivers of the years. When someone tries to search for the past in a certain moment, those people and those things are blurred. Once upon a time, I was so stupid Marlboro Lights. Hahaha, if I can choose to come to life, I would like to be a free, free and easy walker, and walk anywhere in my heart. Winter is coming to spring, bringing a spring into the heart, silently, and making a wish for a spring blossom. I want to be so intoxicated, only when I woke up, "Spring is full of gardens."
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