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Autor : Agnes Willms | 11.10.2018
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At the happy mome
At the happy mo
# 01.08.2019 - 08:57:16

At the happy moment of the mother's 70th birthday, we have a strong voice from the heart of the lungs: Happy birthday to the mother! Shoubi Nanshan! My mother's hair is already white, her waist is like a bow, her face is deeply wrinkled, and it is inlaid with decades of ups and downs. We suddenly found out that the mother was old and the mother was not easy in the past few decades. In the special case where Dad was busy with work and rarely went home, she was struggling to pull the three of our brothers and sisters. I remember that in the extremely difficult years of life, she always used the words "Mother does not like to eat" and "Mother had eaten" to save half a bowl or a bowl of wild vegetables for us to eat. How many years have passed, we are sour when we think of these things. We deeply understand that maternal love is selfless love, maternal love is pure love, and maternal love is noble love. Our mother, like all other mothers, is the most ordinary and greatest. My mother is the best mother in the world. If God can give us a hundred lives, we have to choose to be a child of our parents for a hundred times. First of all, she has a sublime character of kindness and gentleness. Between the family, relatives and friends, and the folks, she is understanding, likes to help others, ancestors, blame and treat others. Her principle of being human is "it is better to be wronged by others, and not to let others do not want to." Second, she has the lofty spirit of hard work and hard work. I remember that in those years in the countryside, she had to work in the fields Parliament Cigarettes, do housework, and not forget the accounts of human relationships. For many years, for this family, it can be said that it is diligent, hardworking, and painstaking. Third, she has the lofty demeanor of being upright Carton Of Cigarettes. No matter under what circumstances, she is strong-willed, upholds justice, never bows to evil and difficulties, and often educates us to say: "Be straight up and be a man." Although she does not have much culture, the truth of teaching us to be human is How profound is it! Fourth, she has the lofty virtue of filial piety. Her mother, her mother, her mother-in-law, her mother-in-law, her grandmother's grandmother and her father, and her father's wife, all played very well. What is important is that she is strict with her grandmother and her grandmother. In this regard, she took the lead in the show and was well-received. ,Like mother like son. Her three children are very good. This is not only the blood of her blood flowing in our blood vessels, but also the way of character, temperament and even the way of doing things is very similar to her, which is why we have been influenced and influenced by her from an early age. It is also worth mentioning that she is very blessed, with a good wife and a good son-in-law, everyone is admired by the elderly. Living in such a warm family environment, we are all very happy and proud. She won't be lingering, never say: "Child, I love you." We are as stupid as she is, but we will exchange emotional information in harmony. Parents know their parents. From our love and care for Wang Yu, Xue Yu and Su Jie, we can really realize the feelings and hopes of our parents. No matter what the situation we are in, no matter how far we go, no matter how old we are, the most worrying thing is that our old mother, who is not in good health and is not good at words, has entered the age of ancient times. She has been busy for most of her life. It is time to rest and enjoy the old age. Our greatest wish is to hope that the elderly will live long and healthy. Because the health and longevity of the elderly is our greatest happiness. Now, our family and peace, how happy, how good! We must have a fascinating life. Good days are long! Good days are still behind! Looking forward to the future, the four generations are close at hand. We firmly believe that parents will also be able to enjoy the family fun of the five generations. Happy birthday to my mother! Wanshou has no boundaries! At the same time, I wish my father is healthy! Happy spirit

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